FDA Ruling on Antibiotics for Livestock

— Written By Silas Brown and last updated by

In case you haven’t heard, January 1, 2017, will not only bring a new year, but it will also bring  FDA regulations on antibiotic medicated livestock feeds. Certain medicated livestock feeds contain antibiotics that are of the same medicinal family as are used by humans. The goal is to try to prevent humans from developing resistance to the antibiotics that are used by both humans and livestock. It will not make it impossible nor unfeasible for producers to acquire the products they need, but will require an additional step in doing so.

Producers who are in need of antibiotic medicated feeds will need to contact a local veterinarian who, upon understanding your circumstance, can provide them with, an up to 6 month, prescription for the appropriate medicated feed for your circumstance. This ruling does NOT affect injectable antibiotics, only those that are, 1) fed to livestock and 2) also used by humans.

More information, as well as a list of antibiotics that will be under this regulation, can be found at the following FDA website.