Let’s Kick Off Summer With Vegetables (June 26, 27 Cancelled)

— Written By Teresa Goley

With summer only a few days away, many Clay County residents have already planted their summer garden. Many are also planning their vegetable preservation for their summer bounty. Clay County Center recently held a preservation workshop for canning vegetables and making pickles and jam. Plans are now underway for a freezing and dehydration workshop to be held at the center. After the workshop for dehydrating fruits and vegetables, another workshop is planned in the fall for beef and or venison jerky. Watch this publication and the local newspaper for the specifics.

On June 26 and 27 there will be a program preparing and sampling summer vegetables. Participants may sign up for one class for $10.00 or both days for $15.00. The goal is to explore new ways to prepare the vegetables that we grew up with using healthier methods. Yes the fried squash is yummy but the same squash is delicious grilled and with fewer calories! Grilling is such a great way to prepare vegetables without the calories or heating up the kitchen. There are also many recipes that feature vegetables grilled in an aluminum bag, sealing in all the wonderful flavors. The fun part about bag grilling is that you really don’t even need a recipe. Combinations of vegetables with peppers, onions, and mushrooms are endless. Summer grilling at its best. A chicken breast or steak and vegetable bag on the grill. How easy is that?

Call the Clay County Center at 828-389-6305 to register for the classes or contact Teresa Goley at teresa_goley@ncsu.edu. vegetables