Fall Lawn & Garden Do’s & Don’ts

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10 Things Not To Do in the Fall

  • Do NOT fertilize trees and shrubs
  • Do NOT prune trees and shrubs
  • Do NOT transplant or move plants until after killing frost
  • Do NOT stop mowing as long as grass is growing but do mow a little higher (4 inches)
  • Do NOT use a high nitrogen fertilizer on the lawn (use a winterizer)
  • Do NOT any fertilizer at all on warm season grasses
  • Do NOT cut back asparagus ferns until after frost has killed them
  • Do NOT allow leaves to accumulate on the lawn
  • Do NOT cut back perennial foliage until after frost
  • Do NOT stop watering new landscape plantings if weather remains dry

10 Things To Do in the Fall

  • Divide and separate perennials
  • Spray for winter annual weeds and wild onion and garlic
  • Till under dead vegetable plants in the garden
  • Apply a winterizer fertilizer to the lawn
  • Plant new trees and shrubs
  • Add mulch to the landscape
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs
  • Keep mowing as long as grass continues to grow
  • Rake often as fallen leaves can damage turf grass
  • Implement vole control if needed:

Locate holes and set small mouse traps baited with raw apple and peanut butter at each hole. Cover hole and trap with a bucket and check each day, resetting and moving the traps as needed. Continue through March and vole population will be severely depleted!