Soil Sample Peak Season

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Soil Peak Season will run from FRIDAY, November 30, 2018 through March 31, 2019.

On Friday, November 30, we will begin charging a $4 fee for each soil sample
The fee is based on the day that the sample is received at Agronomic Division
The fee is NOT based on when it was mailed and NOT when it was turned in to the extension office.

Thursday, November 29, is the LAST DAY that you can turn in FREE soil samples until April, 2019. We will close the gates at 5 p.m.

Addresses for sending samples
U.S. Mail: 1040 MSC, Raleigh NC 27699
FedEx / UPS: 4300 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh NC 27607

If your county extension office will be paying, please write your CES county name under Escrow Account on the information sheet.

This information must be completed IN FULL (name, mailing address, email, phone).

For each information sheet completed by your office, write your County Extension account information in the Consultant area.

Farm ID
You can use this field to identify which County Extension employee is associated with each report. Example: if the employee is Jane Smith, the Farm ID could be written as Jane Smith.

When the report has been finalized, an email will be sent to the Grower and the Consultant on the report, along with a link to the report.