Good News for Baby Boomers!

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Baby Boomers unite! I recently pitched an idea that I had about a program idea for people born between 1946 and 1964-Baby Boomers. I reached out to the National Council on Aging and learned that they were already ahead of me with this concept.

As I delved into their research, I discovered that they had already developed some concepts for this particular group of people. Baby Boomers are the children of people dubbed as the Greatest Generation. This Greatest Generation endured the Great Depression, World War II, and consequently had a deep sense of patriotism, liberty and the love of God and country.

As all those brave soldiers returned to a profoundly appreciative country, there was an influx of babies! Optimism was at an all-time high. America proved victorious against Hitler, Hirohito, and Mussolini! Life was good! Women moved from their roles as Rosie the Riveter to suburban Mom with a huge gas guzzling sedan and a nice brick ranch house. The economy was great and jobs plentiful.

And then there were all those babies! Many of us were first-generation high school and college graduates. Our parents saw education as the key to success. Dropping out of school to work or to serve our country simply was not necessary for most.

My generation seemed intent on making our own mark in history. We were more rebellious, more experimental and more willing to embrace change. We also had silly notions like not trusting anyone over 30 years of age. No longer was the clean-cut boy next door a good thing. Long hair, bell bottoms, and T-shirts became our favorite statements of who we were. And our music… It could not have been further removed from The Big Bands my parents loved. Screaming guitars and drums, lots of drums filled our heads.

Having made this soliloquy on The Greatest Generation versus the Baby Boomers, let me explain Baby Boomer thoughts 2019. As The National Council on Aging found, Baby Boomers, as a group, are generally retired at this point. However, we are not quite ready for assisted living. It is felt that some camaraderie might be nice as we plan for the last years to be meaningful and productive. While many retirees are busier than ever, there still might be room in busy schedules to touch base with other Boomers and have a little fun, share histories, and get encouragement to climb out of our pajamas.

I recently received the Extension Innovation Grant from NC State for this very purpose! I envision a program where Boomers get together and share, plan, and embrace the 60’s all over again- in a slightly different way!

Stay tuned for my visions on how this program will look. I will give a more detailed explanation of times, places, etc. in the next few weeks. This is definitely good news for Clay County Baby Boomers!