Small Fruit and Tree Fruit Webinar

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A webinar workshop on small fruit and tree fruit care on May 6, 2020, from 2-5 p.m. Craig Mauney, Area Specialized Agent for Commercial Vegetables and Fruits and Lisa Gonzalez, Area Specialized Agent in Local Foods, will be leading the workshop on how to properly plant and maintain your small fruit plants and fruit trees.

The workshop is aimed at training new growers or seasoned growers on how to improve upon their current setup of fruit production. Specific topics include cultivar selection, site establishment (soil conditions and planting), fertilization, irrigation, pruning, harvesting, and resources for pest control.

For more information call us at 828-389-6305 extension 12. After signing up there will be access to a link for you to join us via Zoom to learn about the topic on May 6 and also for you to ask us any questions.

Registration for this program will be through Eventbrite. Check out all our programs at