Helping Your Children With Stress

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Children are having a different schedule for the school year 2019-2020. Some of us have dealt with changes and we know how to adapt. However, this is a change for our children and a change for us as parents. Some of the parents are working from home while others have a change in their job status.

This creates stress for parents and for children. Keep in mind we all deal with stress differently. Some of us read, binge watch, or exercise, sometimes we resort to food. In order for us to conquer this time we need to keep our stress level low. For our children we need to make sure they continue a daily routine.

This routine should be very similar to how it was when they were going to school. There are 6 areas to keep in mind that happen during the school day that you need to recreate at home.

First, have the same time schedule for going to bed and getting up. This can be modified somewhat since they don’t have to leave before 8. If you want to start the day by 9 that would be fine.

Next, create a schedule for them to do their school work. Maybe 2 hours in the morning and then 2 hours in the afternoon. Make sure they take a break after each hour, just like they have time in between classes at school, allow them the time at home. (Keep in mind how long you can sit focused on a topic.)

The Clay County Schools give time for the students to “exercise” whether it is through a P.E. class or playground time. Your child needs to have time burn off his/her energy. Encourage them to play outside, play tag, etc. Exercising helps relieve stress.

Children are taught responsibility at school. Whether it is making sure the pencil is sharp or following directions. While at home, they can help around the house if they are not already helping. Some examples, unloading the dishwasher, folding towels/clothes, sweeping the floor, or setting the table for a meal. A good science/math lesson is to help them cook a meal. Let your children know it is a team effort to get things done in the house.

Your child also needs to have down time. This can be time for them to relax, visit with their friends through social media, or playing a video game. Whatever they choose.

On warm sunny days is a good time to be outside. Take a small hike. Explore nature-see how many trees or plants you can identify. Use your phone or camera to take pictures of your kids outside.

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