Clay County Food Pantry

— Written By Teresa Goley

Image of food pantryImage of food pantry produce

Beginning in April, Teresa Goley, FCS Agent for Clay County will be hosting a series of programs at the Clay County Food Pantry. It was an impressive visit to the Food Pantry to learn how their operation works. They are part of the Manna Food Bank system of Western North Carolina. This organization delivers food each week to the Food Pantry and eligible Clay County residents may pick up a box of food on Friday. Options often include a nice assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Food Bank in Clay County is a well-oiled machine staffed, in large part, by a host of smiling volunteers. The last visit to the Food Pantry was humming with activity. Hundreds of Food Pantry visitors received their food in an amazing few hours! There were even two homeschooled student volunteers getting a totally different type of education!

After visiting the Food Pantry, it was felt that N.C. Cooperative Extension, Clay County Center could also contribute to the cause. Programs are being planned for each month. Information such as nutritional content, recipes, and food safety are just a few of the initial ideas for the Food Pantry. It is hoped that recipients of the Food Pantry Food Boxes will gain a little incentive to do more than open a can for their meals. Easy to understand recipes, using stapes from the Food Pantry, will be explained to all who are interested. In addition, at least one recipe will be prepared in advance and participants will be allowed to taste the ending recipe! It is felt that maybe a little nudge is all that is needed to prepare easy meal items using Food Bank Products.