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Be a 4-H Volunteer

4-H Grows Role Models

Volunteers are the key to success in the Clay County 4-H program. Whether you’re interested in starting a club and becoming a club leader or just have a few hours to invest in upcoming 4-H programs, we have challenging and fun jobs for adults and teens who want to make a difference.

Research for volunteers

Programs Areas:

  • STEM & Agriculture
  • Healthy Living
  • Civic Engagement

Are you interested but, need ideas for programming? Check out the various 4-H activities.

Become a 4-H Volunteer

Types of Volunteers

  • Club Leader: This is probably the one most people think of when they hear 4-H volunteer. Clubs meet throughout the year and continue each year. The Club Leader is the volunteer who is in charge of the club. The leader makes sure paperwork is done each year and helps plan the club calendar.
  • Club Assistant Leader: This can be one of the parents who is at all the events/meetings. It is a good policy to always have 2 adults at a club meeting in case there is some type of emergency.
  • Special Interest Leader: This leader is for a club that only meets for a few times (at least 6 hours total) in a year.
  • Activity Leader: An activity leader helps run activities at a club meeting. If you are interested in helping run activities for a club, email Julie Lyvers,
  • Guest Speakers: If you would like to talk to a club, check with the club leader. Clubs are always wanting to hear guest speakers.
  • Office Volunteer: You may want to help 4-H, but you are not sure about being a leader for a club. Sometimes there is prep work that needs to be done before a club meeting. You can volunteer at the N. C. Cooperative Extension, Clay Center.

If you are interested in being a 4-H Volunteer, please get in touch Julie Lyvers, 4-H Agent, by email or call 828-389-6305.

An application will need to be filled out, enroll in 4-H online, a background check, and training before a club is created.

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