Clay County Pesticide Recertification Trainings

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These trainings are for those that already have current private and/or commercial pesticide licenses. Every three years Private Applicators will need 2 hrs of ”V” training and 2 hrs of X training. If you do not have hours in either X or V and your license is going to expire in 2019, you will need to attend one or more of these trainings. Commercial licenses need only recertification hours for the category listed for the type license you have. The number of credit hours also depends on the type of license you have. If you want to check the credit hours you need for private licenses, go to the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services’ License Search.

Following are the dates and locations of trainings. Most of the demonstration X trainings will include categories B G H I K L N O T D and X. Call before coming to make sure your category is approved. All training categories are 2 credit hours:

July 29, 2019, V & X, 1–5 p.m., N.C. Cooperative Extension of Clay County office.

For locations and times of other training in the area, visit the NCDA&CS website.