4-H Sewing Camp

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Sewing. Using a sewing machine. How many people can use a sewing machine or even a Serger sewing machine? Eight youth took time out of their summer to learn how to use both of these machines in the 4-H Sewing Camp.

During the week of June 10, 2019, members of the Misty Mountain Quilters Guild taught the preteens/teens how to use a sewing machine and many other skills in order to make a cinch sack backpack with an inside pocket. The following week, the youth made 4 more projects. One of the projects required the use of a Serger sewing machine. After learning how to use it, one of the youth said it is pretty simple. The youth were challenged on the last project to make a stuffed dachshund. They took on the challenge and were very successful!

Everyone enjoyed the camp. One of the moms said how she appreciated the camp since she saw an increase in her child’s confidence. 4-H would like to thank the members of the Misty Mountain Quilters Guild: Liz Hogan, Florie Campbell, Tracy Phillips, and Susan Slaton. The quilters guild offer a wonderful program to teenagers. 4-H would also like to thank Teresa Goley for helping out and finding creative projects for the youth to work on during the second week.

If you are interested in 4-H or being a volunteer, please call Julie at 389-6305 or come by the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Clay County office located at 25 Riverside Circle, Hayesville.