Clay County Hemp Symposium

— Written By Craig Wininger

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Clay County Center held the Clay County Hemp Symposium on November 15, 2019. 55 people attended from various states and it proved to be an extremely informative program that allowed people to hear from speakers that work with hemp variety trials, growers that grow and market hemp themselves and also others in the industry that are in the field actually testing for THC levels on hemp. Jeanine Davis (NC State Extension Specialist of Herbs, Organics, Specialty Crops, Vegetables, and Hemp) and Margaret Bloomquist (Research Associate at North Carolina State University) started off the day explaining the basics of growing hemp, their variety trials and also the process to legally grow hemp within North Carolina. Sarah Murphy (N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services) then covered what all she notices while she is in the field testing for the THC levels in this crop. Gary Bullen the Extension Associate of Farm Management at North Carolina State University presented a very informative budget to the group through a Zoom presentation. We then rounded out the day with our grower panel of Lori Lacy, Jesse Ross and Candace Anthony giving an in depth look of all the challenges they faced as new growers and all the things they have learned through the process. They also then touched on harvesting, post-harvesting and the importance of finding a market for your product prior to ever planting.

We would like to thank all of our speakers and the EmPOWERing Mountain Food Systems Project for sponsoring our event!

More info on Industrial Hemp can be found by calling our office at 828-389-6305 or through the NC State University Hemp portal.