Pesticide Commercial and Private License Recertification Class Jan. 17, 2020

— Written By Craig Wininger

Image of farm equipment

Private pesticide applicators are required to attend a 2-hour pesticide safety recertification class (category “V”) and a 2-hour specialized training class (category “X”) at their local N.C. Cooperative Extension office once every three years. If the expiration date on your card reads 12/31/120, then you must attend a 2-hour pesticide safety class (V category) and two hours of “private applicator specialty training” (X category) before September 30 of this expiration year to meet re-certification requirements. The private applicator re-certification classes for Clay county. Commercial License holders only need to come from 3-5 for their credits. For more info contact Craig Wininger at 828-389-6305 or

January 17, 2020

1–3 p.m. V Credits

3–5 p.m. X Credits

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