Helping Out a Stonefly

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It can be very difficult to remind yourself of the damage being done when you forgetfully leave trash behind or don’t see it in your best interest to pick up the trash by other’s clumsiness. Sometimes, the long term effect does not cross our minds. However, there are some people who will pick up what is left by others in their communities to keep the roadsides looking nice.

Besides trash, which can be seen and easily picked up, cigarette butts are harder to see and pose more damage. Did you know a cigarette butt is only 38% decomposed after 2 years? This is because most filters are made of plastic fibers. Also, the cigarette butt contains toxic chemicals that are poisonous to plants, animals, and fish.

The Clay County Flyers and Tyers is a 4-H Fly Fishing Club for teens that will gather at various creeks and ponds all throughout our beautiful county to practice their fly fishing skills. At one of their meetings, they were learning about a stonefly that will only survive in clean water. The members discussed the shape of the stonefly at various stages of its life. This is important to know what size stonefly fly to put on your line to catch fish. The members are very excited about testing out this new fly.

The scales need to change. Instead of people having to pick up trash from others, let’s be proactive and throw items away at our destination. Not only would you be helping to keep our county in its best shape, but also allowing places for our kid’s imagination to grow.

For more information about 4-H Clubs in Clay county, call Julie 828-389-6305.