Backyard Poultry Webinar

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Backyard poultry flocks have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Many folks have come to enjoy fresh eggs each morning or even having fresh chicken at mealtime. Although backyard flocks are convenient, there is a certain degree of responsibility associated with keeping the flock happy and healthy.

A virtual Backyard Poultry Symposium to be held from 2–5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. The Program will be held via Zoom.

We are excited to have Lauren Greene, Area Specialized Agent in Poultry doing our Clay County Backyard Flock Symposium. Lauren will cover a variety of topics during this symposium and will be here to answer questions that are specific to your individual back yard flock needs. A variety of topics including proper nutrition, health management, breeds, proper housing, marketing, and the egg law.

For more information call us at 828-389-6305, extension 12. After signing up there will be access to a link for you to join us via Zoom to learn about the topic on May 13 and also for you to ask us any questions.

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