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Students, 3rd-6th graders staying after school,

have been exercising 4-H’s fun activities

First, they learned the different types of energy. Through this, they were able to discover forms of simple circuits, wind, and static energy. Next, the students learned tactics of outdoor safety; all from appropriate attire, to reptiles and amphibians, to poisonous plants.

Through the outdoor safety lessons, they also learned how to tie simple knots: overhand knot, slipknot, and square knot. The square knot later advanced into a well-known macrame’ design which allowed them to individualize their own keychain.

This brought them to the next task of making a “situpon” mat. By using a sheet of newspaper, one can fold it, and then weave it into a mat.

2 boys and a girl folding newspapers.This mat can be covered with contact paper or put in a plastic bag to keep it dry and clean from debris.

A woven mat made with folded newspaper.

Involving 4-H in the after school program, gives the children an opportunity to open a new door to education and creation. Since the group is mixed with students of diverse interests and grade levels, the topics are either a review and expansion for some or an engaging social moment for others.

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Julie Lyvers, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionJulie LyversExtension Agent, 4-H Youth Development Call Julie E-mail Julie N.C. Cooperative Extension, Clay County Center
Updated on Mar 31, 2021
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